10 Questions That You Must Ask About Roof Cleaning Services

Roof cleaning is a necessary expense that every homeowner must make on a periodic basis. Some money spent on keeping your home roofing in a good condition is ultimately a lot of money saved. The reason is that the accumulation of algae, moss and debris on your roof can cause extensive damage to it and it may need expensive repair or even replacement in the long run. So professional roof cleaning is an expense that you should happily bear once in a few months. Even while you can do it on your own, there are many valid reasons that you should opt for professional services for the job. At the same time, there is a need to realize the significance of choosing only an expert provider because after all, you are spending money and should not settle for anything but the best. Once you have chosen a provider for the job, there are a few questions that you must ask them to validate their knowledge and experience as well as get a fair idea about what to expect. Let’s have a look at 10 questions that you must ask from your roof cleaning service providers.

Q1: Why does my roof need to be cleaned?

To begin with, you need to justify the expense that you are going to make on roof cleaning. The obvious question has an obvious answer- roof cleaning is a worthy investment for your home because it keeps the roofing in a great condition and prolongs its lifespan. This means that you can save up on expensive repairs and replacement in the long run. Mold, algae and mildew can eat into the shingles and weaken them over a period of time. They can also deprive your home of its aesthetic appeal. Similarly, the accumulation of dirt and debris can also affect the energy efficiency of your home and can cause health hazards for the family as well. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have your roof cleaned on a periodic basis, preferably once in every six months.

Q2: What causes the stains on my home roof?

Regular checks and inspection of your home roof should be taken to appraise its condition. The appearance of black stains on the roof surface is a matter of concern because it is an indication of algae growth. Algae are an airborne spore that houses itself on the surface of the roof shingles and gradually eats into the limestone and weakens them. When it rains, the algae can spread around and cause more stains and weaken the roof structure over a period of time. Professional cleaning is required to get rid of algae deposits and ensure that they never reappear. While pressure washing can clean it off, some roof cleaners prefer to remove it using chemical method followed by soft washing.

Q3: What are the methods that you use for roof cleaning?

Now the next question that you need to ask relates to the roof cleaning methods that the provider will use. Basically, there are two methods that are used for this purpose, namely pressure washing and soft washing. Pressure washing, as the name suggests, involves the use of heavy pressure of water to do away with the accumulated debris, mold and algae on the roof. Conversely, soft washing uses chemicals to dislodge the accumulated materials and follows it up with a soft wash for your roof. The latter does not use heavy water pressure and is gentle on the shingles while heavy pressure can cause damage if performed by untrained people. Be very sure to understand the method that your provider uses and understand the implications that it may have. So not hesitate to clarify your doubts and ask for a method that you think is best for your home roofing.

Q4: How long will the process take to be completed?

As a homeowner, you deserve to know the timeline for the completion of the job. So the nest question should be about the estimated time that the cleaning service would take. Typically, the provider will consider the factors such as the size of the roof, the material it is made of and the amount of debris and mold accumulated on it before quoting a deadline. The job may take a day or two depending on these factors. However, you should not insist on rushing them up because cleaning should be thorough to be effective.

Q5: Will your cleaning company use my water?

While a roofing company is responsible for getting along the entire equipment and cleaning materials for the project, you should ask about the water to be used for the cleaning. Most of them use water from your home supply rather than carrying it along. Since the process requires gallons of water (depending on the size of the roof), this is one matter that should be clarified before costing for the project. A smart homeowner will make his own calculations about the water costs and have it deducted from the contract amount.

Q6: What kind of training and experience do your professionals have?

Since you are paying for a professional job, you would definitely want to know what you are getting. Ask the service provider about the skills, training and experience of their crew so that you are convinced about the service quality you will get. Also, check the equipment and material they would use for the cleaning process to ensure that everything is in perfect shape and only the best quality of materials is going to be used. Licensing and insurance are the other two significant aspects of the roof cleaning service that you should verify before hiring them for the job.

Q7: Is the roof cleaning process safe for the residents, pets and plants?

The most critical question that every homeowner has about roof cleaning relates to the safety of the process. There are concerns that pressure washing can loosen the shingles and damage the roof. On the other hand, the concern relates to the harmful effects of the chemicals used in soft washing. Whichever method that your provider plans to use, ask whether it is safe enough for the family, pets and plants in your home. Ensure that the cleaning materials are biodegradable and safe for humans, animals and plants, even if they are effective enough to eliminate the algae and mold accumulation from the roof. If pressure washing is being uses, verify that it is done only by experts who know how to do it without damaging your roof shingles.

Q8: How much will it cost?

Perhaps the most important question is about the cost of the cleaning project. Roof cleaning services are contractual and need to be explicitly defined before initiating with the job. Talk to the provider about the cleaning method, materials to be used, number of personnel needed for the job and its estimated time frame so that you can calculate the agreed costing for the job before getting started with the project. Factors like the size of the roof and its cleaning requirements also determine the amount that you will need to incur on its cleaning.

Q9: Why should I take your services rather than do it myself?

Since you will be sensing quite a lot on the professional roof cleaning service, you can ask them to justify their hiring rather than doing it on your own. The provider will usually tell that an untrained person can do more harm than good with roof cleaning. There can be mistakes in choosing the method and doing it the right way. Pressure washing, for example, is the right method for harder compound surfaces, brick and concrete. If you do it on your own on shingles and put too much pressure, you may end up damaging your roof extensively. Similarly, use of sub-standard quality of chemicals or using too much of them can also weaken the tiles. There are also some safety concerns if you do roof cleaning on your own as the right kind of equipment and clothing ensure the safety of professional cleaners. Therefore, professional roof cleaning turns out to be a better option on any day.

Q10: How long does a typical cleaning service last?

Typically, a professional roof cleaning service is recommended once in every six months, though you may take it sooner or later depending on the condition of your roof. Regular checks should be done to detect the growth of algae and mold on the roof surface because they can cause serious and should be resolved as early as possible. Some homeowners get it done once in a year, but the answer absolutely depends on the cleaning requirements of your property at a certain point in time.

Getting answers to these questions will help you build confidence in your roof cleaning service provider. You will know what to expect and how to avail the best services from them without being given a run for your money. Therefore, as a smart homeowner, these are the questions that you must ask the cleaning professionals before you get started with the job.



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