3 Unique Wedding Favours To Use At Your Wedding

You may have been dreaming about your wedding day for years and know exactly how you want it to be or it may have crept up on you and you’ve not given it too much thought but, either way, you’re going to want to give a little bit of something back to your guests to thank them for attending.

That’s where wedding favours come in and if you really want to make an impact, the more unique the better. However, with so much going on with wedding planning, you may not want to spend too much time thinking about favours, so we’ve detailed 3 unique wedding favours that you can use at your wedding.

Weather-related gifts

Giving out weather-related is a great way to show that you care and they can be as functional and they are thoughtful. This option is particularly good if you’re having an outdoor wedding as your guests will be exposed to the elements.

If you’re getting married on a particularly hot day, you can give out items such as sunglasses or these flip flops from Wedding Flip Flops as wedding favours to protect them from the sun. You could even take it one step further and leave a small bottle on suncream under each guest’s chair.

On the flip side, if you’re getting married outside during one of the colder seasons, why not give out blankets and cushions as wedding favours so that your guests can keep warm and cozy? Not only will taking your guests’ comfort into consideration make them feel appreciated, it will make your wedding more enjoyable for them.

Make it personal

We’ve all seen the classic wedding favours: bubbles, sugared almonds, and any kind of confectionary imaginable but, in a time where self-expression is encouraged, why not take it up a notch?

On this, we spoke to Broadoaks Country House who said: “Many of the couples who marry at our country house choose to give out quite personal wedding favours. These have ranged from chocolates engraved with their initials to mixtapes of their favourite songs.”

“Adding an extra personal touch to your wedding can make your big day particularly memorable, especially if you’re giving out sentimental keepsakes, so we recommend ditching the impersonal favours and expressing yourselves with the keepsakes you give out.”

Homemade favours

Making your own favours should be able to save you a few pennies and it also gives that personal touch that wedding favours often lack. With the homemade option, you can really go for anything as long as it’s (1) functional or (2) pretty (a combination of both, such as these olive oil bottles, is a bonus!).

You don’t have to be a dab hand at crafts to pull this off, you just need to have a bit of creativity and some extra time to spend making the gifts. If you’re looking for some more homemade wedding favour ideas, this post from Brides Magazine will give you some serious inspiration.

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