4 Tips For First Timers To Color Your Grays

When you spot your first grays, it may be a bit shocking. But graying is a natural process and nothing to stress about. And today there are many safe hair coloring products in the market that you can use, without worrying about the harmful effects of chemicals. In fact, you could use this as a new opportunity to experiment with your hair and try out a new look.

We’ve listed down some precautions and tips that will help first timers like you complete the hair-coloring process in a stress-free and simple manner. However, if you’ve not yet grayed to the extent of needing coloring, you can go through some tips to prevent premature graying as well.

  1. Do Your Research

Coloring your grays for the first time can be intimidating. There are so many products in the market, so much information and varying experiences. But if you’ve done your research well, you’ll be prepared for the final outcome.

For starters, consult a professional to get a better understanding of the stage of graying you’re in and get their feedback on the procedure. The next important thing to do is find a look and color that you would like to go with. Ideally, it’s better to be safe and go for a color that’s closest to your natural look. You don’t want any surprises, post the coloring session.

  1. Get It Done By A Professional

The first set of grays usually crop up around the temples, hairline and center of your head. So, it’s better to take professional help to ensure you’re covering all the grays, and also to get it done right. Professionals can identify the exact color that will be closest to your natural hair color.

They will also be able to look at your grays and estimate the duration for which the color needs to be kept on to get the right look. It’s best to go safe for the first-time, enjoy the experience and the pampering you receive at the salon, and prepare for a new, younger looking you.

  1. Modify Your Hair-Care Routine

One of the reasons for going gray is that your hair is not receiving enough nutrition and melanin. This tends to make your hair lose its luster, natural moisture and bounce. And coloring your hair is further bound to affect your hair quality if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

While most of the newer hair coloring agents in the market have conditioning properties, you will have to take some additional care of your own. Go in for a deep cleansing and conditioning at least one in a month to remove excess build-up and residue. A clean scalp and hair will go a long way in protecting your hair from damage.

  1. Be Prepared For The After-effects

If you’ve gone for a semi-permanent color, you’ll find that the color wears out after a few months to a lighter shade, and if you’ve used a permanent color, the roots will start showing in a couple of weeks. So, if you want to retain your look you’ll have to go in for a touch-up every 5 weeks to a month. Try and make a schedule so that you can follow. It takes roughly 2 hours for a session, but it’s worth the time to keep your youthful look going.


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