Natural Antibiotics That Help You Heal

Each one of us is heavily dependent on drugs for the recovery from any sort of bacterial infection or disease. However, have you ever imagined recovering without the use of a drug or an antibiotic? Many are aware of the fact that the chemicals can cause more harm to your body but the usage has still not come down. It is possible to treat a bacterial infection with the use of natural antibiotics and without using chemical pills for the same.

Antibiotics can lead to a permanent damage to the body if you consume it without the instruction of a medical professional. It is also important to maintain the dosage as prescribed by a professional to you. You can opt for antibiotics if you have a high stage complication or a lifelong disease. If you have an early stage microbial infection which is caused by Microbes, you can treat the same through natural antibiotics and they will not lead to any side effects. You an find them in abundance all around you and you will not have to break your bank either. The natural antibiotics have been used for generations and are recommended by professionals as well. They help you recover from an infection and make you healthier and stronger. Here is a list of natural antibiotics which can make a difference to your body.


One of the most natural antimicrobial products, honey has been known for numerous healing effects since ancient times. It helps cure skin injuries, ulcers, burns, wounds and scalds. It can treat anything within no time and it has a hydrogen peroxide content which makes it an ideal alternative to the chemical antibiotic drugs.


 Garlic is one element that can help fight bacteria like no other. It works wonders on the different parts of the human body and has very strong antibacterial compounds like allicin which helps fight against yeast, fungus and Candida infection.

Coconut oil

Coconut contains very good amount of Caprylic acid, Triglycerides and Laurie acid which makes it an ideal source of antibacterial properties. If you are suffering from a bacterial infection, all you need to do is add a few drops of coconut oil in order to heal.


Bacterial inflammation can be fought with extracts of Echinacea purpurea. This element helps in fighting strong bacteria which cause diseases like toxic shock syndrome or necrotizing fasciitis and many others.


An augmenting spice, turmeric excels in health benefits and offers various advantages with the antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties. Turmeric can help enhance the internal health as well as immunity system in your body. It can also help you gain natural resistance power so as to fight against any bacterial infections.


Not many are aware that this spice is a source of natural antibiotic. Oregano has a number of antioxidants and anti inflammatory elements which help boost the immunity and also keep you healthy against numerous infections. When consumed as oil, oregano has a number of additional benefits.


If you are looking for home remedies, there is nothing like ginger. It works as a natural antibiotic and can fight a number of strains of bacteria which includes Rhinoviruses. Ginger extracts help cure throat infections and also critical bacterial infections.


Last but not the least, lemon is a natural source of antibacterial properties. It has Vitamin C which is full of antioxidants that help fight acne as well as other free radicals that lead to skin bacteria.

All the above mentioned products have the ability to cure bacterial infections through its antibacterial power, it also has certain risks. This is why it is best to consult with a doctor before considering the natural antibiotics for your use. Their effectiveness can vary from one person to another and its prevention ability depends on the type of infection you are trying to treat. You must have patience and should not expect overnight results from the same. These are natural products which are effective and are also used in life saving medicines. They have the ability to show results where chemical pills are failing.

It is important for you to identify the type of infection you are suffering from and then look for natural antibiotics that help you fight the same. Begin with a small dosage and see how it impacts your health and body. Consult a doctor if there is no change in the infection or if you think that the infection has increased.







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