5 Tips on how to wear Accessories to Impress in a Business Environment

How you dress for a business meeting or presentation determines how clients, colleagues, or partners perceive you. An exquisite look will captivate your audience and allow you to work with confidence. If you’re a marketer, the better. Clients will relate your outfit to your product or service.

Sometimes people ruin a great attire with a mismatch of accessories. Knowing how to blend your accessories with your first-class outfit will help you remain professional and still look stunning. So, how can you wear accessories for a perfect business look?

Limit Your Perfume

Perfumes are part of your accessories. A great fragrance is an aphrodisiac; it sweeps the surrounding people, winning all their attention. It should not be too intense, or else you’ll notice people moving away from you. Some people are allergic to the strong smell, and your perfume could ruin their day.

Choose a perfume that won’t make you wary of your smell. If selected well, a decent fragrance will elevate your moods and spiral your confidence for a great business day.

Keep Your Jewelry Simple

Going wrong with jewelry is super easy. A large piece of necklace dangling down your neck is a no-no for a business meeting. Try choosing elegant but medium-sized accessories like the crochet choker. Learn more about it at De Sol.

When putting on a watch, ladies can pick a round-small sized classy watch, while men should opt for exquisite medium-sized watches preferably with leather wrists. The material of your bracelets should match your watches to avoid clashing. Try to avoid big or glittering watches which may be too extravagant for a business environment.

Mind the Color of Your Purse or Bag

For a lady, a bag or purse should be classy, its colors not so different from the shoes. They should not be large or extravagant, which can be distracting.

Most men go wrong with bags, using lowly types, or worn out bags. A briefcase or pad bags are more official, and they suit business environments when they are leather-made with neutral colors.

Don’t Overdo Scarves or Ties

A great tie complements a great suit, and your shirt should not overshadow the color of your tie. A tie should always be brighter than your shirt or blouse; its material should, however, be as classy as your suit.

When using scarves, they should be designers, not winter scarves misconstrued as an accessory. Avoid overdoing scarves or going too bright when you should be simple.

Avoid Cheap Accessories

The goal of donning an accessory is to elevate your style and draw out your confidence. Only a classy accessory will help you meet that goal. Avoid anything that looks cheap, or brings down your style.


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