6 Tips To Maintain Old Cars

If you take good care of your car, you can easily use it for several years without facing any serious problems. Unfortunately, people tend to neglect their vehicles once they get older, often deciding to replace their old car with a new one. In case you have an old car in your garage, follow these tips to maintain it in good condition.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Wash your car on a regular basis and remove all dirt, dust, grime, and debris attached on it. Keeping such dirt on the car for a long period of time is the reason why many old cars have frequent breakdowns. However, do have a realistic expectation of how your old car will work with regular cleaning. Some vehicles are so old that spending time cleaning it would be a waste. The best thing to do will be to donate car to charity in such cases.

  1. Check The Brakes

A regular checkup of the brakes is also necessary, especially if you drive the car in urban areas where you frequently hit the brakes. Any malfunction in the brake can obviously be deadly. Checking them at regular intervals will ensure that potential problems are identified early on and rectified.

  1. Inspect The Tires

Tires need to remain properly inflated at all times for you to drive the car smoothly. As such, it is recommended that you check the tire pressure on a weekly basis. Poor tire pressure will drive up fuel consumption and make it very difficult for you to handle the car. In addition, the tire will wear out pretty fast. You also need to check the alignment of the wheels and ensure that they are correctly set.



  1. Change Oil

The oil in the car keeps the engine lubricated and functioning properly. Without sufficient levels of oil, some of the internal components of the car might end up overheating and even blow up. As such, it is of critical importance that you change the oil in the car regularly. Check the car’s manual and see what the manufacturer’s instructions are regarding oil change. If there are no explicit instructions, try to replace oil after every 5000 miles.

  1. Coolant

You need to check the coolant levels of the car every now and then. If it is low, recharge the coolant to appropriate levels. Without correct amounts of coolant, the air conditioner inside the car will not perform as expected. And if the level is low because of any leakage, then it can also be pretty damaging to other components in the car. Regular coolant check ups will prevent such issues.

  1. Repair Scratches

It is normal for old cars to have scratches on its body. But it is your responsibility to ensure that all such scratches are repaired as soon as they are identified. If you leave these scratches as it is, then they can become bigger over time and start rusting. This will eventually cause more problems. A common way to repair scratches is by using nail polish.



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