7 Best Occasions Men Must Wear Fur

Though wearing furs is equivalent to wearing controversies, its vintage charisma fails to quit our imagination. How irresistibly we gazed and admired men in long fur in the 1920s! Despite the decline in fur clothing, especially among men since the 1970s in recognition of the animal rights, furs continued to tickle our nostalgia.

Do not ask us to get rid of our awe for the classic mens mink coat, the practical raccoon jacket, and that spunky chinchilla parka. We can’t resist the pull from everything so awesomely vintage. Thanks to designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Marni, and Thom Browne, men’s fur styles are back into the business.

Given the alarming rise in global warming, the fur fashion might anyway turn a luxury of the past very soon. Before global warming takes it away from us, let’s do our best to create occasions for flaunting the fur.

Here are the seven best occasions when men must don fur clothing.

  1. Christmas Bash

Do we even need to say this! Christmas time and fur fashion go hand and glove. So, no sooner you get an invitation to a Christmas bash, waste no time in pulling out the opulent beaver coat from your wardrobe.

      2. Ice Fishing

Are you planning for angling in the icy pool over the weekend? Shove out the fishing net, lines, or spears from the storeroom. O’ the mighty ice fishermen! It’s time to slip into your vintage mink overcoat.

      3. The Swag Party

A winter fiesta where entries are restricted exclusively to those with swag, a fur clothing can be your sure shot ticket to the party. How about a chinchilla parka? The mélange of boldness, comfort, and sex appeal won’t be a bad deal. Think about it.

      4. Sleigh Rides: So, is the Daddy dear booking a ranch resort for a snowy New Year’s Eve? Sleigh rides must be on the card too, isn’t it? The Daddy dear must impress with a warm and masculine coyote fur coat.

       5. Camping at the Alps and the Himalayas

Be it the Alps or the Himalayas, camping in the snow-capped mountains can be excruciatingly cold. Thank God for the long range of fur clothing, you aren’t going to freeze! You will be able to enjoy the heart’s content without worrying about hypothermia.

        6. Meeting the Russian Oligarchs

In today’s world, the first impression can either make or mar. So, if you are meeting an affluent Russian oligarch, your fur style might add more value than just giving out a fashion statement. Who knows, the ‘fur’ factor can help strike a better camaraderie and win you a life-changing deal.

        7. Hip-Hop Statement

For some reason, hip-hop and fur have always gelled well. Hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, and Rick Ross have donned the fur with awesome swag. So, if you thought that furs aren’t the ideal things for streetwear, maybe it’s time to make a hip-hop statement on the street in a fur coat, parka, vest, hood, or at least a scarf.

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