Amazing Tips For Better Sleep

Do you hate it when you can’t sleep through the night comfortably? Do you often wake up exhausted and unable to perform your regular duties comfortably? Here are some amazing tips to help you sleep better every day.


  1. Create a bedtime routine to make your body aware when to relax and unwind. When you stick to the schedule every day and weekend, your body will seamlessly lock into it and you can start enjoying long and restful nights.
  2. Start writing a journal. Note that, when you are doing anything stressful, your body will release a lot of hormones forcing you to be alert. However, if you start writing something once you get to bed, you can avoid being restless once you get to bed. Research has identified that there are some types of journaling that can allow you to focus on anything positive in your day rather than the negative ones.
  3. Try taking more magnesium. The compound plays a huge role in your ability to sleep peacefully through the night. Start eating foods that are rich in magnesium such as swiss chard, spinach or pumpkin seeds. Alternatively, you can also try out ZMA supplement or anything else edible with magnesium right before going to bed.
  4. Take a cup of chamomile tea right before going to bed. If you are suffering from anxiety that is keeping you from getting a proper nap, you can take this herbal drink and fall asleep right away.
  5. You should exercise regularly. Try out aerobic exercises to reduce your anxiety, make your body feel relaxed and improve the quality of your sleep. It is actually the best way to sleep better at night, especially for people suffering from insomnia.
  6. Try working out in the morning hours rather than the evening for the best rest. Yes, exercising is good for you but you need to work out many hours prior to going to bed. That way, any adrenaline from your workout sessions doesn’t keep you awake.
  7. Power naps are good for you but only if taken during the day. When you feel a little tired during the afternoon, find a comfortable place and take a power nap to improve your sleep during the night. Power naps can be as little as 5 minutes or half an hour and will prep you up for the remainder of the day. Avoid long power naps since you might get into deeper sleep stages leaving you groggy for the remainder of the day.
  8. Sleep for at least 7 hours every night. Many people don’t get enough time to sleep at night. Note that, sleep deprivation leads to production of cortisol that increase your stress levels. Research has also identified that poor sleeping patterns can be caused by insulin resistance, a condition where the body has enough trouble processing insulin, one of the risk factors for diabetes.
  9. Avoid all screens, especially laptops right before going to bed. Try out different activities, especially things that allow your body to relax.
  10. Make sure your bedroom is cozy by picking the right mattress, bedding and curtain to block out the light. Amerisleep mattresses are held in high acclaim. You can add some white noise machine. If you are sleeping with a partner, make the necessary changes so everyone sleeps comfortably.
  11. The ambiance in the bedroom should be slightly cool to allow proper sleeping. You should add a fan to keep the temperature down since when it is too hot you will sleep lighter and wake up too often.
  12. Take a shower right before going to bed to make your mind relax and reduce your body temperature to make you sleep properly.
  13. Wake up at the same time every day since irregular sleeping patterns will make your sleep quality poor.
  14. If there are a few nights where you have stayed up too light, take up a few extra hours when you are free to rack up the sleep debt and get your body back on track.
  15. Avoid drinking caffeine late in the evening because it will boost your adrenaline making it tough to fall asleep.
  16. Rather than tossing and turning, get out of bed and find a way to relax yourself by reading or listening to some mellow music. You will become more anxious if you start thinking about how you can’t sleep.
  17. Make sure you are not taking any medication that might be interfering with your sleep. If you need the medicine for a serious condition, talk to your doctor about the side effects and what you can do about it.
  18. Don’t bring your pets to your bed with you since it will interfere with your sleep.
  19. If you can’t sleep, don’t watch the clock since it will make you more anxious. Face it away and don’t look at your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic gadget to avoid losing sleep.
  20. Look at apps or any other tech help that allows you to fall asleep comfortably and try it out today.


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