Bring in some Furry Fashion this season – Learn more about Fur

Fur is an integral part of the winter wardrobe. From being the oldest garment ever worn by man, it is now a fashion showpiece. Whether you want to flaunt your radiantly fresh and warm fur coat or add a stole to accent the rest of your outfit, fur is a great option.

Know your Furs

Fur houses like are known for their highest quality products sourced from the top furriers all over the world. From luxuriant coats to cozy fur vests, you can make a perfect entrance wherever you go this winter. With so many options of different fur types and styles to choose from, it is always interesting to learn more about the furs and their unique qualities.

Beaver fur has its set of fans. The original fur is long and has a heavy texture but most fur designers shear the extra length to maintain a consistent sheen. The Persian Lamb is another favorite for fur enthusiasts – it has natural shades of grey, black, and brown and in fashion, it is quite common to see the fur part as a lining with the leather side on the outside.

The rare lynx fur is sought after for its wild beauty. Usually, it will be characterized by spots on white background blended in natural brown or grey. Mink is arguably the most popular of all furs because of its multi-layered texture and durability. Mink fur is very soft and light and it has a thick underfur with glossy guard hair, giving it a perfect sheen after the designer’s finish.

The pale inner layer and a bluish-brown tinge on the outside fur is one way to identify the best of marten fur, which is also used to make the finest of coats.  Nutria is farmed in Europe and is also native to the Americas. Its fur is usually used for trims and linings and it can also be dyed in various other colors. Raccoon fur is instantly recognizable because of the colors and the patterns. It is a very warm fur and can last for a long time if taken care of. Rabbit fur is considered one of the more affordable ones – it does not come with the durability or sturdiness of other furs but is available in many accessible styles.

Fur Care – Some Basic Tips

Do you have an old fur coat which feels a little dated? You can get fur coats restyled by experts and have it back as good as new and looking very trendy. Storage of fur is a complex affair since these garments are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Fur can get damaged by pests or lose its softness and texture, which is almost impossible to restore. Fur contains natural oils which give it all the qualities that we adore and these oils need to be replenished with a clean-up at least once a year. This is why it is always recommended that you get your fur cleaned and stored with an expert fur house.

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