Do you know the Connection between Sleep and Exercise?

When you get yourself involved into a regular exercise routine, you only consider diet as the key player on the field. Astoundingly, there is another prime factor many people ignore – sleep! Yes, there is a huge importance of sleep and exercise on your mind and the body.

Sleep Sound with Regular Exercise

A radical body of evidence shows how exercise positively affects the sleeping pattern. The people with sleep disorders like insomnia are actually advised to add exercise to their treatment routine for more beneficial outcomes.  The regular fitness exercise says 120 minutes of medium-intensity of workout, provides an essential boost to your mind, reduce stress, tone up your body, and exhaust the body out making sleep more convenient and sound.

As per a study, the exercisers are likely to experience better sleep than non-exercising people as well as have no risk for sleep apnea. Additionally, the people with improved sleep quality and duration are reportedly more active and attentive during the daytime.

Poor Sleep Leads To Inactiveness

So when regular exercise has a positive effect on duration and sound sleep, the reverse is unhealthful, dull and dreary. As per a study, the people who sleep less experience a poorer quality of sleep. When there is an increased daytime sleepiness, the person becomes inactive and suffers from lack of alertness. And ultimately the soreness from sleep contributes to hamper exercise.

Tips for Better Quality Sleep

  •     Apply a memory foam bed mattress for smooth sleeping if you have medical issues related to breathing, heartburn, or nasal congestion.
  •     Put your smartphone to night mode so it displays a warmer light at night.
  •     Develop some bedtime rituals like taking a bath, applying lotion to your feet, or reading your favorite book to assist cue your brain for sleep.
  •     Avoid wearing tight or overly warm pajamas/ clothing.
  •     Keep your ambient temperature a cool and pleasurable.
  •     Block extra light in your room by turning off the blinds, covering bright alarm clocks, or you can wear a sleep mask.

Sleep Versus Exercise

For super moms who are working and haggling children all day long, oftentimes when getting few minutes of the free time end up to the choice between taking an extra sleep and involving in an exercise. If researchers are to be believed your body’s circadian rhythm is streamlined to the cellular recognition of a natural day and night, waking up early to exercise or staying up late to exercise can actually go detrimental.  

The sleeping time aids tissue repair from exercise; hence experts suggest that time-bound parents must find few frames of time throughout the day to exercise and should not sacrifice sleep for fitness. Also, it doesn’t mean rushing to and fro the gym, but rather inculcate more movement or physical activities into your day, i.e running up and down the stairs, performing squats, brisk walking, and a mini-yoga session during the lunch breaks.

These forms of regular exercises will make you plop down on the bed and fall asleep promptly!

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