Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Choosing an engagement ring may be a baffling task for many, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right help and expertise, it can be a special moment, to help you make the right decision here are a few handy tips which may help to elevate the stress.


Before addressing anything else, it’s a good idea to have some sort of budget in mind, and with such a vast array of choices, it will certainly help to narrow down your options, hopefully making the whole process a lot easier.

 Her Style

It may be a good idea to start observing her style like never before, if you haven’t a clue about her preference for jewellery it may worth taking a sneaky look in her jewellery box now to see what she tends to like, oh and also try to get some idea about her ring size. Some girls like modern, others like vintage and then there are traditional too, you should be able to figure out the basics fairly easily and its best to stick to what she loves rather something completely different from her normal style.

Her image

What kind of image does she like to portray? Is she a bling girl that likes to be daring or more understated? Her choice of jewellery is most likely going to be something similar in style to what kind of clothes she chooses to wear, so try to take notice and of something that reflects her style.

 Her Day Job

This may be something that you may not think to be important, but in actual fact, it is very significant. Think about it; if the ring is to be worn on a daily basis, you may wish to opt for something that will not affect her work. If she works with her hands, something big or over the top may be problematic.

Interior design

Looking around her home tells a lot about her preference for style, does have classic decor with collectibles, is into vintage things, or is she more of a minimalistic modern type of girl? When choosing engagement rings, it’s generally a good idea to get a sense of your partner´s style in every aspect as generally home style and personal style reflects each other.

Ask her nearest and dearest

If all else fails, there is no harm in asking her those closest to her to discover more about what she would like. Her best friends and family members would no doubt have a good idea about what type of engagement ring she would like, and you could use this to your advantage too, you may wish to ask close ones to try to find out about her ring size so that it doesn’t become so obvious, especially if want to keep the occasion under wraps and totally surprise her. You could even ask a close friend or relative to assist you when buying the ring, particularly if you are feeling rather anxious or nervous about it!

Other little tips and tricks:

  • Take her shopping, try to get a feel for what she loves, look in jewellery store windows, and observe her reaction closely.
  • Social media- if you prefer to browse from home, try Pinterest and Instagram, and see her reaction to things. Pretend to come across bling or classic items of jewellery (without giving the game away) and ask if she would ever wear something like that.
  • Observe her hands; she would want a ring that fits her hand, so if she has small hands or delicate long, lean fingers, she may not want a ring that is bulky or OTT.


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