Essential Fishing Gear – Stay Comfortable and Protected

Are you a fishing enthusiast? Do you love lounging by the lakeside when you get a chance? If you are going to spend time in and around water, you need to be dressed the right way. Stay comfortable and protect yourself from the elements. Here is a list of some essential gear for water activities like angling and fishing.

Polarized Glasses

Expert anglers will know that the combination of water and light can be very bad. Being in a place with such a strongly reflective surface will require you to keep your eyes protected. Therefore, a good pair of polarized glasses is high on the list of things to have on a fishing trip.

Polarized glasses block out harmful UV rays from entering your eye. When you are around water, you have to deal with a great deal more light than on land, reflecting back to you from the ground.

The polarized shades filter the sunlight and your eyes do not get stressed. Because of the reduced glare, you will be able to see better into the water. So instead of peering through the reflection of the sky on the surface, you will be able to gauge what is underneath it.

Jake Berton from Rheos Gear says that people come alive when they are out on the water and find pleasure there. When you pick up your pair of glasses, do not compromise on the style. Aviators, wayfarers, and round frames are some of the popular designs available in myriad lens shades. Protect your eyes in style.

Jacket for the Outdoors

The jackets you need for activities like angling and fishing are different from the regular ones you use at home. They are tougher and water resistant, so you don’t have to endure a damp, clammy fabric while waiting for your catch. 100% waterproof GORE-TEX jackets are recommended for water-related outdoors trips and ample pocket space is needed for you to keep your valuables and other gear. Some other features that can be found in a high-quality outdoors jacket is a storm flap, and adjustable hoods and cuffs to keep you completely dry.

Fishing Bibs

Depending on the weather you will have to contend with, you can pick up different types of fishing pants or bibs. A quick-dry fabric is essential if you are opting for a lighter pair of fishing trousers. Heavy duty fishing bibs with a thick waterproof shell and easy knee movements are a good investment if you will be treading into colder, rainy environments.

Footwear for Fishing

There are two ways to go about it when it comes to footwear for a fishing trip. Either choose a pair of sandals made of a quick-dry material or keep yourself insulated with a good pair of rubber fishing boots. Waders are a popular choice especially if you need to negotiate wetlands or marshy areas. They also allow you more comfortable movement in shallow waters. Waders are basically a combination of boots and a bib that comes as a single outerwear piece.

Buy a Nice Fishing Hat

Fishing can entail long hours out in the sun. This is why a fishing hat is very important. It also reduces the glare so it complements your polarized glasses and helps you see into the water better. Fishing hats usually come with a drawstring to keep it on your head on windy days and if you want some extra protection, pick one up with padding and ear flaps. Boonie hats and sun hats with wide brims are a classic choice. You can also buy a hat that has been reinforced with a water-resistant finish.

Be Prepared for All Situations

Apart from your apparel, you also need to get some other gear in place before a fishing trip. A first aid kit is indispensable. There are kits that are designed especially for trips to the water – waterproof containers and hook removers are some of the specifications. While the polarized glasses protect your eyes from UV rays, you will have to keep your skin safe too.

Carry sunscreen and it should not be less than SPF-15. If you are going to be on a boat then there is some safety equipment that needs to be present. Life jackets are a must. Signaling and sound producing devices should be on board in case you need to make a distress call. Here is an extensive list of safety equipment required on the boat.

Fishing has a timeless joy about it. It brings up nostalgic memories and also allows you to forget your daily worries and relax in the lap of nature. Have the right gear and be safe to ensure that your experience is a memorable one.

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