How to find rental accommodation in Benahavis

If you want to live on a permanent basis in the area of Benahavis on the Costa del Sol, then it is probable you will be hunting for a long term rental in this area, because it is centrally located and is by far one of the most desired places to live because of this.

Characteristically styles of homes in this area comprise of villas, households and flats. Apartments such as lower, middle and top floor are probably the most readily obtainable. Particularly with the recent rise of new building projects

Benahavis long term rentals are a business that focuses in finding lodging for their customers on a lengthier term. Having acquired contacts with owners, agents and banks that give us one of the best selections of up to date property in the area. Having been well-known in the area for coming up to 10 years, we are one of the only agents that have built an honest name for themselves from day one.

What will you get?

Renting long term in Benahavis is just like any other country that does long term rentals. A reference will be obligatory, a security deposit will be paid and contracts are usually for 11 months to 1 year. Both the proprietor and tenant having the option to renew or cancel 2 months before contract termination. You would lose this contract if any terms or clauses are not met.

How much will I pay?

You should be aware that this is not an inexpensive area to live. Benahavis demands some of the highest yielding rental in Andalucia. Typically apartments with 2 or more bedrooms would demand of 1000€ per month and could go up to 2000€ per. Villas will start from 3000€ to 10000€ per month.

What things are there to do here?

If you ultimately choose that Benahavis is the place for you then welcome to a world of gastronomic delights and physical activities that will keep you entertained throughout the year. The restaurants in the village are exceptional and full of variety. No matter what agency you decide to go with when you lease a home just make sure you ask some questions. Where are they located, do they have an office, and if they say no just walk away.

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