How To Maintain Your Fur Coat

In order to up their fashion game, many fashionistas have been investing in fur garments over the years. Unfortunately, most of them have no clue how to keep them in impeccable condition. Considering the amount invested in the coat, you probably should be looking for ways to ensure that its form is not compromised in any way. If you’ve been feeling glam lately and have purchased a fur coat from a renowned label but do not know what you should do to protect it from damage, the following guide will help.

Store your fur garments with care

Imagine saving your fur coat for a special occasion only to find it with several bald spots! One of the most common problems of a fur coat is shedding. If improperly maintained, your fur coat can shed big time. Finding the exact match for filling in the spots can be a costly affair. While faux fur shed quickly, natural fur sheds over a period of time. This is because most high-end brands manufacture real fur products. There is a lot that goes through the production process to ensure that the customer can use the product for many years to come.

However, if they are not stored properly, they can leave huge bald spots, leaving your expensive buy look shabby. You don’t have to feel this way if you learn how to properly store your fur products. There are many reputable companies today that provide mink storage options. These companies arrange fully secure, pest-free vaults with the right temperature and humidity to ensure your fur products are in excellent condition. Choose a company that provides regular cleaning on-site.

Avoid rubbing your coat against pretty much anything

Fur is quite sensitive when pressed against anything. No matter if it’s your shoulder bag or your seatbelt, the friction caused can lead to severe shedding. To avoid this, you need to be more responsible while handling your fragile coat. You could replace your shoulder bag with a classy clutch. Again don’t go for a clutch with stone embellishments because if you place your clutch on your coat accidentally, it could cause the fur to shed. If you’re headed to an event and need to take your car, leave your fur coat inside a nice moisture-proof jacket cover at the back seat. If your coat has zips, be very careful while handling them.

Keep your fur coat away from bugs

Some customers have had bad experiences in the past when they buy fur from thrift stores or from a major sale. One of the reasons for their disappointment is the presence of mink mites and other insects. Not only do these insects breed and spread quickly, they create very evident holes giving an unsightly appearance to the coat. Again proper storage is the key!

If you have a damaged fur product, it is not too late, you can contact professional furriers to fix it and make them look as good as new!

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