Is there any Vegan-friendly city in Europe ?

If you’re planning a Europe trip and above mentioned is your concern, this article is for you. Read on.

Traveled to different places, and being (a vegan) who loves bingeing means finding the best vegan food is the top priorities during travels. Recently, I got an opportunity to travel to different European cities. There I find some most vegan-friendly places to gorge at.

The menu consists all the essential factors you look out for while stepping in any food place. From quality, hygiene, taste, and the range of vegan choices, you’ll find everything here.

Follow this list of vegan cities of Europe and make your trip extremely sumptuous.

  •         Copenhagen:

It has a small yet decent vegan option. There you’ll find choices ranging from fast food, raw food, desserts, and pastries to non-dairy products. You can relish some cafes as well.

  •         Budapest:

The city’s vegan scenario is again not that enormous but quite diverse. You can find a huge variety of vegan food, comprising atypical Hungarian dishes, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican cuisine. You can have it in a buffet, fast food, raw food and amazing cheesemongers.

  •         Glasgow:

It’s a going to be a definite vegan destination soon with a lot of vegan-friendly restaurants around. It could even be connoted as the vegan capital of Britain and can give a run for money to cities like London and Brighton. It offers multiple vegan breakfast options, and such food joints are available at an easy walking distance.

  •         Barcelona:

Yes, it is one of the most vegan-food cities on the Mediterranean. Ditching its traditional seafood people are now more inclined towards vegetarian food. The city is also declared as a ‘veggie friendly city’. It displays around everything vegan representing world cuisines, Catalonian fare, and fast food also.

  •         Turin:

Maybe it’s relatively a small city, Turin boats a diverse range of vegan options fetching the reputation as the vegan capital of Italy. There’s slow food, fast food, brunches, bar food and obviously tons of typically delicious Italian food including gelato, pizzas, and pasta. So, for such a small city the enormous vegan options are impressive in Turin.

  •         Prague:

This city seems to have it all when we talk about the vegan options. It has several places offering a wide variety of raw food, burgers, pizzas, affordable lunch choices as well as high-end options.

  •         Lisbon:

The vegan scene at Lisbon has exploded in recent past years with a load of vegan food options from all around the world. You can enjoy actually delicious burgers, pizzas, Asian food, buffets and raw food.

     .            Berlin:

As per my experience, Berlin was the best vegan destination on the continent. There’re hundreds of food joints serving mouth-watering vegan dishes. Almost every café in the city offers non-dairy products including vegan cakes too. You can have an assortment of vegan fast food, sweet treats, raw food, pizza, breakfast and lunch options, and Asian food too.

So, this could be your hand guide if you are a vegan and planning a Europe trip soon! Have a delightful jaunt!

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