Embrace the Power of Meditation

I was juggling hard to meet the debts, legal fees, and vagueness than ever before, but was firm to my promise to give my daughter the best and more since she was all that matter to me.

I would engender her with all she needs and deserve. I’d toil harder, make more money, do more, and buy her more to prove everything would be fine. But I had no clue that this new objective would be really hard on my heart.

My wish to provide my daughter more wasn’t incorrect, just misadvised. While I could not have expressed it then, I want more for us but not more money or materialistic stuff.

What I actually desire for was love, laughter, warmth, connection, and adventure which was too hard to measure. Instead, I worked more, earned more, spent more, and gathered more. Surviving with fewer of a different kind of more i.e more time, more affection, more freedom, more space, and more light is essential to set free your life for good. All that matter is love!

When I visit Boston, my mother bestowed me with so much love, and I was indebted for loving my four-year-old daughter with presents she never appreciated. As I always thought more plus more is equal to love.

Now, I was able to understand that love could stand independently. It didn’t need to accompany with presents, excursion trips, big time bonuses or other acknowledgments. And when I preclude the stuff, the busy schedules, the debt, and other distractions which were burying me, I was surrounded by the pious wrap of love. It was omnipresent.

Realizing I had enough, I am enough, and I don’t need anything anymore. I have discovered I was in love and I am love. It’s just like hiding under all the layers of mess, clutter, busy routines, and display that we protect ourselves from being hurt or pain.

Diamonds are no more my best friends (yes, it is used to be). It wasn’t a piece of jewelry but something I bought to live my life up, prove my worth, and showcase my love. The moment I became more and more me, I started encountering the new stuff-less world.  

My new friend is a magical sunrise. My new friend is the deep blue ocean. It is a hike in the steep mountains. It is peaceful afternoon. It is really a good book. It is laughter! It is the time well –spent. And it summarises the beauty of living life with meditation.

So, now I want more, not the stuff but the early mornings, hiking, meaningful conversations, holding hands, and connecting with nature. It is about seeing more world, more creativity, and more craziness.

With a soulful living with less, my life becomes more meaningful than I ever imagined. Instead of more material or money, I am relishing a different kind of poignant more. I more connected to my heart. I have turned into one presented and focussed person.

In short, do whatever you feel to do and give you more. Gift yourself the essential time, space, and utmost love!


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