Making The Office Space Productive Is A Combination of Both; Art and Science!

We have seen the buildings changing as the time has evolved and not just their outer structure, but, their inner soul as well; people exploring the world within those concrete walls without working in cubicles. Well, a recent study has supported this fact that the inner environment of an office shapes the inner environment of the humans working in those walls. The positivity, the health, the creativity, and the mental motivation all can be easily nourished if the environment within a building is amazing. Relaxation of the mind is more important than the relaxation of your physical body when desiring optimum level of output. From canteen to desk location a lot of things play their role in maintaining the work environment healthier, happier, and relaxed.

Examine The Color Scheme:

A couple or studies support this fact that colors play an important role in the working of a human mind. Psychologically, a right color can impact the human mind at discrete levels to enhance the productivity. Allowing the office walls to be painted with colors those are vibrant and can connect with the subconscious mind of the humans can definitely enhance the productivity of the entire workplace

Privacy is A Must:

 We all have heard that cubicles should be torn-down for better productivity, isn’t it? However, cubicles do give privacy and everyone loves to have a little time of their own when working in the office. While designing the walls of cubicles, ensure they are low in height and are painted with vibrant colors. Walls with heights can give the employees a feeling of aloofness. Therefore, it is not what you make your employees do within those concrete walls that matters, in fact, how you make your employees work is what matters the most. Here are certain tips to make the workspace more welcoming for employees and visitors.

The Temperature:

The most common issue in all offices is the temperature of the room. Humans are all social animals and everyone has a different comfort zone that they need to maintain. So, it is recommended to opt for an office space that has a lot of ventilation options or has a temperature controlling system according to the need of every employee.

Let The Natural Light In:

 Natural light acts as a healer for most of us, whether trekking or sitting at home in our balcony. Therefore, a research conducted by the Northwestern University at Chicago has stated that natural light in workspaces help in reducing the stress hormones in humans. Having large windows in the office that let the natural light come inside the walls of the office can actually work like a natural medication for most people.

Comforting the Comfort:

A 2012 study by Gensler revealed that the actual productivity of the employees is directly proportional to the inner environment and the comfort level of the workspace. Nowadays, most of the work is done by sitting at desks, watching right at the computer screens for hours. Therefore, it is mandatory for any office to install chairs that are comfortable and good for maintaining the body posture. Also, the chairs should be adjustable according to the height of each employee as the eye-level from the monitor can affect the health drastically.








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