Micro Dosing on Psychedelics may enhance productivity

The 1950’s and 60’s spawned many a study about the efficacy of using psychedelic drugs as a mood enhancer and a bona fide way to treat mental health issues. There came a more rigid time when these studies were banned and psychedelics were legal contraband. In recent years, there has been considerable interest in the performance enhancing powers of magic mushrooms. There is more and more research that shows that using these psychedelic substances in about one-fifth of the standard 200 micrograms dosage may actually be more productive than mere recreation. Here, we help you take a quick at the latest going-ons in the world of these magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms and Silicon Valley

Technology Guru and pioneer Steve Jobs has admitted that the use of psychedelics in his younger days had honed his creativity and inspiration. The technology industry is turning to psychedelics in a big way to harness their productivity, creativity and problem solving skills. Micro dosing for a prolonged period of 6 weeks in a controlled manner has been found to increase productivity and capacity. The trick is to take a dose on day 1 and abstain on day and 3 and again taking a dose on day four for about 6 weeks is considered optimum. This is the gist of over 100 surveys conducted by Fadiman.

Tim Ferris, the reputed investor and author has also endorsed micro dosing to enhance productivity and creativity. Sub-perceptual doses of hallucinogens may be ideal for some people who tolerate the substance well. These users report crystal clarity and sharp creativity. It might sound a little weird, but it really works for a large number of people. The basis of this phenomenon is that humans tend to think in patterns and find it easier to move from abstraction to distinct visualization under the influence of magic mushrooms. The psychedelics attach themselves to the HT2A serotonin receptors in the brain.

How to procure magic mushrooms?

There are legal bans on the sale and purchase of psychedelics in many states. It is possible to buy them quite legally from online sites like trufflemagic.com.  They carry a large variety of these shrooms and are consistent about quality and hygiene. It is possible to even grow your own mushrooms from the grow kits that are available online.

Try the magical effects of microdosing and create a new awareness within yourself. Healthy users are almost never create mental health concerns and are in fact helpful in managing depression and anxiety. They are considered safe as there is no evidence that they can damage the brain and you definitely cannot overdose on them under any circumstances. Keep totally safe!

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