Original Taste of Chicago spirit

The Andersons’ family recipe has only been passed on orally for generations, so no one knows exactly when our Moonshine was born. But one thing is clear: the recipe was first noted on the last pages of a cookbook at the end of the 19th century. But since the Andersons continued to use experience only when burning, it was actually unnecessary.

In 1920 it happened as it had to: the Volstead Act came into force and was supposed to ban the consumption of alcohol. However, something happened that nobody expected in advance, because the law led to the illegal production of alcohol and also to increased consumption. There were gangs everywhere making money from illegal alcohol trafficking, but the Chicago spirit did not dust during this time.

The production of our drink was still in full swing. Only that the working hours have now been set to night. As a thank you to the shining moon, which made it possible to work in the dark, the drink was named after him. The prohibition ended 13 years later and with it the reason for existence of the black distillery also disappeared. Calm returned to the Moonshine liquor, but his home remained with the Andersons.

Today, almost a hundred years later, we have taken on the task of making the Moonshine available to the public again. You can get our unique CHICAGO SPIRIT Moonshine in the delicious varieties Wild Berry, Peach, Caramel and Mango Curcuma in our online shop at chicagospirit.de and on Amazon.

Prohibition ends today!

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