Tattoos: Some of the Most Popular Styles

Dreaming of getting your first tattoo? Seems exciting and scary at the same time, right? Tattooing is an art form that comes in a wide range of styles. Most of these designs have evolved from styles that were popular several decades and centuries ago. They can be symbolic, decorative or pictorial. This is created by inserting dyes and ink into the dermis layer of your skin.   What are some of the popular styles in tattooing?

Irezumi – Traditional Japanese tattoo

The Irezumi style came into being somewhere between 300 BC and 300 AD in Japan. This style is detailed in nature and covers a large area like an entire arm, back or even the whole body. The tattoo could be that of flowers, animals, a samurai warrior or Buddha and some of these are used as a combination to tell a story.

Classic American tattoo

Often referred to as the ‘old school’, this is the oldest and the most famous western style of tattoo.  Some of the characteristics of this style are bold black outlines, use of limited colors, spotless precision, and images that are two-dimensional. Popularised by Norman Collins (Sailor Jerry) during the 1930’s the themes usually include roses, daggers, hearts, predators and female pin-ups.

Mandala design

A symbol of Buddhism and Hinduism, Mandala Tattoo is religious in nature and considered to be sacred. This would be the perfect choice if you are a lover of ancient art. The designs include representations of the universe, the sun, and the stars. The popular belief is that only those people who have been blessed by the celestial heavens can complete a Mandala tattoo. The basic geometric shapes like triangles and rectangles are used in creating the Mandala art. The final work looks like a single pattern because of the perfect balance in the combination of the geometric shapes.

Dotwork tattoo

Creating a dot work tattoo calls for an artist who is disciplined and patient. This design is detailed in nature and it’s created using tiny individual dots. Dot work tattoo is usually done using grey or black ink and a good amount of stamina is required to get it done. Dot work is usually found in spiritual and geometric tattoos.

Polynesian tattoo (Tribal art)

Originated in the Polynesian cultures this is one of the oldest forms of tattooing. This is considered as a Spiritual art form by the Islanders in Hawaii, Samoa and New Zealand but now the style is popular all over the world. Black ink is used in creating meaningful geometric patterns. The tattooing process is considered to be sacred and it’s quite painful too. The tattoos usually depict the life story of a person and cover a large part of the body.

With a number of talented tattoo artists creating their own unique styles of tattoos, thousands of styles can be found all over the world. Consider your unique taste and the reason for getting a tattoo and choose one that suits you best.

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