The Rundown on Fashionable Home Appliances

When it comes to home appliances, there are certain brands that stand out. For fashionistas, a
specific appliance can be a real fashion statement. A home can really be accentuated with these
statement pieces.
Let’s be honest, home appliances are pretty boring. However, some products have become
personified by beautiful design or great branding. Sometimes, an appliance becomes noteworthy
due to a long heritage, sometimes it’s the infamous reliability or performance, and often it’s simply
good marketing. Here’s a rundown of the leaders in the world of stylish home appliances.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

A Dyson vacuum is a premium product. It’s very well known that a Dyson vacuum cleaner is a cut
above the rest. If there was a vacuum cleaner for the modern ‘hypebeast’, the Dyson would be it.
Owning a Dyson in your home is a statement that you appreciate the better things in life, and that
you’re not afraid to pay a premium.

Henry Vacuum Cleaner by Numatic

The Henry is the vacuum cleaner for more humble home appliance fashionistas. This particular
hoover is at a much lower price point than the Dyson. Yet, the Henry hoover still has a equal level
of functionality. The Henry is a staple of British design and innovation. The product is arguably the
most reliable vacuum cleaner in the world.
Beyond the infamous reliability, it’s most obvious feature – the friendly face on every Henry – makes
it loved by all. There are websites, and even events and gatherings, dedicated to the brand. The
Henry hoover range offers options in terms of functionality, and means you can choose the perfect
one for your needs and budget. The Henry design is legendary, and it’s dedicated fanbase is only
growing. See more at

The Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen Aid is a sure-fire sign to any guests that you’ve got plenty of money. Pretty much any
appliance made by the premium American Brand can be considered a fashionable accessory for
your home. Their mixer is their staple product. Kitchen Aid produced their first mixer in 1919 – a
whole century ago. The design has changed little since. This is the Porsche 911 of home
appliances – a great design tweaked over time to become a world-beater.
Every kitchen lover dreams of Kitchen Aid kitchenware. However, due to the high price tag across
their range, that often stays a dream for many. The design of their home appliances makes it clear
that it’s an expensive piece. The classic design of the mixer, along with the pleasant colour
schemes, makes this item feel like artwork. It’s essentially a piece of very functional artwork.

Smeg Fridge Freezers

This home appliance has some design wizardry – it somehow looks incredibly modern and
futuristic, but it does so using a retro-style aesthetic. The Italian design is one of the biggest
statement pieces you could have in your home. The company packages the latest technology into
their epic retro design. It’s design is reminiscent of America in the 1950’s.

Aga Cookers

This is a true behemoth in the world of home appliances. The thick-set cast iron frame is central to
the legendary aesthetic. But also it is the crucial element which sets this apart from other cookers.
The thick cast iron absorbs heat and holds it. Homeowners loves this because it can often replace
the need for a large number of radiators. The AGA is also famed for its longevity. When purchasing
an AGA, you can expect it to remain 100% functional for decades to come

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