The Wonders a Fine Rug can do to Your Home

Completing your interior décor can be a difficult and confusing task. Sometimes even with all the perfectly coordinated furniture, paints and accent lighting, your room can seem incomplete. Often people tend to ignore the importance a well-designed floor carries. Adding a rug to your living room can simply brighten up the spirits and the aesthetic feel you receive while in the room.

A rug is a truly wonderful design element for every room. Be it the living room, the dining area or even the kitchen and bathrooms, a rug can seem to make the whole room to be a lot more attractive. There are several types of rugs ranging from machine-made ones to handmade ones crafted with perfection. It is integral to understand the texture and finesse of each kind, to finally decide upon a choice.

The way a rug can look and feel can entirely depend on how it’s made and the process it undergoes. Understanding more about each type of weaves and the output it may create is integral to ensure the type of rug you want to purchase for yourself. To try out some extravagant and unique rug designs you can check out the options needlepoint area rugs offer.

Flat Weave

As the name suggests, rugs woven with the flat weave technique tend to be flat without a bounce and suits the taste of a minimalist. You will also be required to place a rug pad under a flat woven rug in order to minimize damage and friction. They are often reversible as well which is an advantage for a change in décor.

Hand Tufted

This process is done using a tufting gun with individual threads being loaded into it. A canvas is placed and these threads are then pushed through it, piled or looped. To further prevent damage, a fabric backing is then glued to the back of the rug. Due to this fact, the rugs woven with this technique are not reversible and are single sided, but thick and comfortable to step on.

Cleaning a thick tufted rug using a regular vacuum cleaner will help in making it last longer. They can tend to shed and hence cannot be called highly durable. Hence it is ideal to place such a kind of rug in a place with minimal movement.

Hand Knotted

This type of weave involves the usage of a warp thread which is stretched from the top to the bottom of the loom and a combination with a weft thread which is stretched horizontally across the loom. Rows of knots are then tied between the two threads to complete the weaving process. Hence every connection in such a rug is important and frayed ends must be left untouched. Colors and patterns are made by playing with the shades and thicknesses of the thread.

Hand Hooked

Using a canvas mounted on a protective backing, small loops are pulled across to create this particular type of stitch. Shedding as well as sprouting can happen in such types of rugs but the elegance they display is uncanny. Trimming down the faces can reduce damage over time and also help the exquisite piece of art last longer.



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