Top 10 Tips for First Time Travel to India

India is not only an exotic country of forts and palaces, shimmering saris, marvellous deities and fascinating temples, spicy foods, chaotic cities, wandering cows and Taj Mahal. Travelling through India would be a rewarding experience, but it will only be if you are willing to accept the way things are happening here.

People come to India for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s an adventure, spiritual contentment, medical check-ups or simply to admire the rich heritage that this majestic country has to offer.

List of 10 tips for first time travel to India:

  1. Stay Healthy:

Indian food is generally fatter and spicier than other cuisines. Therefore, you may want to control your diet. Stay hydrated and listen to your taste buds according to your stomach. The climate of India is diverse, which may not be suitable for everyone. In addition, Indian cuisine could delight your taste buds with all the spice and variety, but if you do not master this pleasure, you may encounter a problem.

  1. Maintain temple etiquette:

You can visit many temples in India. Never enter a temple with shoes and never sit with an idol. Indians are very sensitive to the respect of their respective gods. You might not want to offend their beliefs. Always ask your guide to inform you of the temple rules. Leave your western ideals and logic at the airport because they do not apply here. Come with an open mind and an open heart and India will open to you.

  1. Learn a few Hindi words:

It is always a good practice to learn the local language when travelling abroad. This facilitates your communication process and also reduces your chances of being cheated. A large part of the country does not speak English and you do not want to waste time dealing with small issues simply because of a language problem. It is, therefore, better to learn some common Hindi words. You will know a little better about the country. Language may be a problem for people coming to India.

  1. Advance booking of tickets:

Nowadays, several travel apps will make your life easier. It’s good to plan ahead and book your tickets at the same time. Last-minute bookings are a challenge and are very difficult to obtain. Even if a travel agent receives you a ticket, you will be overloaded. So, it is best to make your reservations before your trip. You do not want to spoil your trip just because you could not get a reservation for a train or a flight, did you? You can contact the GSA approved travel agent for Palace on Wheels booking online to make your seat reserve in advance.

  1. Stay Cool:

For the first time, you have travelled in India, if you only have a short time focus on seeing one state or territory in detail rather than trying to invade the entire country in a few weeks. Trying to cram too much in and go too fast will only produce fatigue, stress and frustration and lose the surprises and local connections that make exploring India so extraordinary. India is very diverse, everywhere is very different, even just walking on the road can surprise, surprise and amaze and get around, or get things done, always takes longer than you think. Be patient and get used to waiting.

  1. Escape the crowd:

The beautiful scenery you will witness will calm your nerves and your mind. And the peace of mind is the reason why you started this journey from the beginning. These places will help you to know yourself better and also give you peace of mind. With more than 1 billion people taking refuge in this country, many castles in India can be very crowded. So, try to get out of the noise of the metropolis and visit the beautiful villages in India while travelling through the Palace on Wheels train.

  1. Prices will be negotiable:

The best thing to do is to know the price in advance, then ask the rickshaw driver if he will do it for that price and be firm to avoid being taken for a walk. Do not learn to haggle then you will be constantly paying on the odds for almost everything. India is a trading hub. The people who visit it are amazed when they see the beautiful craftsmanship and art. When you buy from the stands and sellers always remember, the asking price is not the final price.

  1. Carry some cash with you:

As the country is facing the issue of demonetization and the most section is going cashless. You may still want to bring cash just in case because many stores do not have a card payment system or cellphone wallet. So, cash will always be useful when buying water, snacks, liquor, or whatever you need.

  1. Dress conservatively:

Most foreigners end up buying a lot of Indian clothes while in this country. If you wear minimal clothing or something that is too open, you will eventually gather a lot of attention that you might not like. So it is advisable to wear clothes that cover your body simply and comfortably for you at the same time. There are many religious places where you have to cover your head to enter, such as the Golden Temple in Amritsar and Ajmer Dargah in Rajasthan. So, it’s good to bring your own scarf.

  1. Travel light:

If you travel anytime during winter, bring wool and jackets, because the weather is very cold. If you travel during the summer, bring light-coloured cotton clothes. Well, India might be a developing country, but consumerism has hit it for a long time and almost nothing you won’t find here. So, don’t pack unnecessary items that will force you to pay for additional baggage on the flight.






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