What Are The Prominent Ways To Gain Genuine Followers On Instagram?

If you’re the one who uses Instagram, you definitely eye for more followers. And why not, everyone desires to be popular in life, and that’s where the social media handles serve you an opportunity.

Instagram is one such social networking app that has gained an amazing admiration in recent times. And the people with huge Insta family (means followers) can also make a good living off their social networks.

Even if you’re a new user to Instagram, don’t feel intimidated. Take your time and have fun. Don’t worry if you have low followers and that too are your friends or family members. The rule is the more you post, the more you’ll get the followers.


If you’re looking to become popular on Instagram and you want to upkeep your followers, you need to be very diligent while posting. Stick to a defined posting schedule, so that your followers remained engaged with your posting updates.

Tagging Game:

When you post first on your Insta handle, you may not know how to use tags. It is something that is true for everyone when they first resort to use it.  The tagging game is essential to involve more people besides your friend list. The right tags help garner more followers.  When someone finds your image with the tags they’re interested in, will definitely add you to their friend list to see more of the specific tags.

Social Network Handles:

Yes, it is also possible to get more followers while tapping other social media platforms. If you connect other trending platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to your Insta account, then the image will be shared right away when you post to Insta account.

The tags you put in your post will also work on several social networks. So, you will attain the followers having similar interests.

Keep Eye On Trends:

You can also get more followers while following the hot trends and posting the image that suits the trend. For instance, if you get to know that POTD (picture of the day) tag is trending, you can add a post on that similar trend. It can be anything pleasing to attract people. Once you will post with the tag for few times, you will observe that people will start adding you as their friend and it will supplement your exposure. These are some common yet highly productive ways to enhance your Instagram followers.

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