What are the Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Young Looking?

The skin experts spread across the globe say that the best way to keep your skin healthy and soft is to safeguard it from the scorching heat of sun and smoke. And after that taking care of it through proper washing and moisturizing.

As per a survey, many Britons are not aware that the sun protection is a must for healthy and young looking skin. They, instead, believe that applying moisturizer, or taking healthy diet, drinking liters of water and facial massages will serve the purpose.

The exposure to UV rays increases a risk of skin cancer as well as affects the elastin in the skin. It ultimately leads to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun-induced aging pigmentation.

Few tips for healthy skin:

Sun Shield:

The most of the changes observed in the aging skin are actually caused by a lifetime of sun exposure. To shield your sun from the sweltering heat avoid stepping out during high-intensity hours, or when the sun is at its peak. Wear a protective layer of clothing that includes full sleeved shirts, long trousers and a hat with a broad brim.

Use sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) more than 15 and apply on your body about 20 minutes before you move out and then after every two hours.

Restrict Smoke and Alcohol:

Your rigorous intake of smoke and alcohol can lead your skin to damage. The numbers of cigarettes you smoke significantly contribute to your skin aging process. It reduces the development protein called as collagen which gives strength and elasticity to your skin.

Alcohol, on the other hand, makes your skin and body dehydrated, leaving your skin dead and tired.

  • Cleaning And Moisturizing:

A survey found that an astounding 50 percent of people who wear makeup in the UK are destroying their skin by not removing it before sleep.

The cleansing is a crucial part of skin care regimen since it clears all the dirt and bacteria, and the key is to perform it smoothly. Use warm water and limit the bathing time to 15 minutes or less so as to upkeep the essential oils in your skin. After washing, pat dry your facial skin so that the moisturizer stays on it for longer.

If you have a dry skin, don’t use alcohol-based products and if you have oily skin, don’t use oil-based products (can take water-based products instead).

  •   Beauty Sleep:

Sleep plays a substantial role in healthy skin regime. Take enough quality sleep to make your skin fresh and rejuvenated. Poor sleep leads you to look older and develop bags under your eyes. Make sure to carry out plenty of physical activities throughout the day and create healthy tiredness for a sound sleep.

  •    Careful Shave:

If you shave your skin to look smooth and hairless, perform it immediately after a warm shower or bath to soften the hair. Don’t ever shave dry skin. Use a clean razor and apply it in the direction of hair growth. And rinse properly with water to evade the dry cells.

So, it sums up all the essential factors important to maintain healthy and youthful skin!

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