What Is an SOS-Free Diet and Its Significance?

‘SOS-free’ diet means salt, oil, and sugar-free food. It involves the dishes that do not contain any of the three components at any stage of its preparation. Going SOS-free has become the new rage among the people who strive to lose weight and intend to intake healthy/nutritious food.

The SOS-free vegan diet is a step up from vegetarianism that involves plant-based eating. In Veganism, you give up from eating fish, meat, poultry, and animal products including dairy.

The SOS-free diet ditches the use of salt, oil, and sugar. Wondering how could you prepare food sans these? So here are some suggested ways that can help you to transform your diet and life.

Initially, you may find it a little challenging to satiate your taste buds. It is due to all three products are highly concentrated. These components play a key in excessive processing and refining. The more of SOS in the diet, the more strong cravings can develop (due to its extreme concentration). But with a change in health and age, the taste preferences need to undeveloped and replaced by new ones.

Our taste buds are developed naturally to seek out these flavors and on its excess consumption the longing for them goes into overdrive. This led us to search out the foods that contain high salt, oil, and sugar.

Generally, cheese is reckoned as the hardest food to give up; after all, it is a pack of exorbitant fat and salt, sending our brains into a hyper-stimulated tizzy of heaven.

Some people feel keeping SOS in smaller amounts to refrain the addiction. It may work for some, but for others, it can be really difficult. The tormenting ‘push-pull’ is one of the prime cause people choose to abide by an SOS-free diet. Chucking away these three components entirely has worked better for many than those who take in moderation.

As per today’s food culture, eat whatever you want to and wherever you want to, has certainly made it hard to eliminate their cravings or limit their intake. It eventually added up in making the populous obese or overweight throughout the nation. Giving up on SOS is like giving up on alcohol or smoke. It is described as the ‘pleasure trap’ where you don’t agree to step out your addictions or unhealthy habits easily.

In concern to health and nutrition, we do not require to add salt, oil, and sugar to our grub (meal). We can take everything while munching a wholesome, plant-based diet. In fact, the body’s actual requirement for fat and sodium are precisely low. It is vital to consume plenty of carbohydrates, which constitute the chief source of energy. But when it is about sugar, we must be cautious of its excessive consumption. It adversely affects blood glucose or other health factors.

In a nutshell, as long as you take a variety of plant foods and balanced calories, you will get all the essential nutrients significant for good health.


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