What is Block Management and how does it work?

Block management has turned out to be one of the most fascinating subjects of recent times. An imperative rise in the real estate industry has given due recognition to the block management services.

It is an unparalleled form of property management, which requires professional skills and thorough knowledge of legislation not commonly found within the average property agency. These are specialized companies that provide high-quality services cater to the purpose of constructing residential blocks, converted houses, commercial and other real estate properties.

Block management is known by different names in the industry such as leasehold management, estate management, and property management.

It is the process of managing, mainly, the areas of residential properties through the service charge. Managing a block calls for utmost dedication, professional approach, and time. It involves consistent communication with several contractors in respect of due maintenance and repair (as and when required), insurance and safety of the building, allied provisions, estate staff, cleaning, and lightening of the property. It also includes a good understanding of law and leasehold matters, annual accounts, budgets, and financial subjects. Additionally, the routine inspections are encompassed to keep a check that the property is in sound condition.

When you’ve invested in a rental property, the responsibility of maintaining and running the property can prove to be really daunting. The logical solution is to appoint a block management company to oversee your property.

The rise in the popularity of block management has opened a new career prospects for the intended candidates. It offers both on-field and off-field job roles. It, primarily, comprises managing the communal area of multi-properties residential portfolios.  It deals with a line of tasks such as service charge collection, the supervision, and implementation of any work that needs to be done on the property. To succeed in block management, you need to have good knowledge of law, safety and health regulations, financial accounting, and building construction.

The team of best block managers not only assists with on-time rent collection/payment but conducts an effective tenant screening as well. They make a detailed written application, background checks, verify references, and meet the other formalities. They ensure to comply with fair housing practices and other local regulations.

The significance of block management is astonishing. From taking care of the property as a whole, they assist the owners and tenants to build a cordial relationship.

Look out for the reputed block management company that is committed to offer excellent services and make your property their top priority. It must render professional and customer-friendly services with a vision to enhance the value of your property by following the detailed customized management procedures. The company should have technical knowledge as well for effective block management.

In a nutshell, when you have got professional assistance at your hand, you can manage your properties confidently and smoothly. So what are you waiting for? Hire an expert today and see the difference.


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