What Makes Matubo Superduo Beads Different from Others?

We are living in a fast-moving world that exhibits its dynamicity pretty frequently. If you look around yourself, technology has boomed to horizons, and which in turn has tremendously infused the ‘experimentation’ factor to all the major industries. Talk about fashion and jewelry, the industry has smartly utilized technology in its genes to supply the right kind of innovative products to the people. Interestingly, what you wear today may become out of trends after one year, but there is one thing that has undisputedly ruled its market and has helped you achieve the perfect look over the years; exactly, we are talking about Czech Beads.

Regardless of the vogue statement you are in, Czech beads always help to add a majestic spark to your appearance. Further, when it comes to rolling out perfection in producing innovative beads from top-quality Czech Preciosa Ornela glass, Matubo – the reputed brand that has embossed its name high in supplying best Czech beads, and bringing in new trends and possibilities into the amazing world of beading, has contributed its best to sustain bead-love in the hearts of people.

Not to mention, Matubo has completely revolutionized the concept of traditional beading with its new and amazing ideas. Some of the successful products like SUPERDUO™, RULLA™, GEMDUO™, SUPERUNOS™ reputably reflect the quality that the brand holds in crafting its product line. Interestingly, Matubo continuously evolves automatic glass bead pressing technologies to further provide a detailed look to all its beads, and that is the reason, why it has given some of the most flourishing Czech beads series to the world.

If you are the one who holds his/her profound love towards Czech beads, fortunately, you have just landed on the right page. Matubo Superduo Beads, the classy series that has lifted the style statement of the bead lovers around the world, is what you should look for.

Matubo Superduo Beads

  • It is the best-known two-hole bead that carries the elements of perfection right from its raw form. Shiny appearance, even texture, and classy finish are some of the traits that makes it valuable.
  • Each pair of Matubo Superduo Beads holds identicality in its work and shape, which makes it best suitable for the production of bracelets and multi-row bead necklaces.
  • Uniquely pressed to achieve a uniform size and shape, that too with an interesting tapered design. Matubo Superduo Beads offer a larger hole-to-bead size ratio in order to make bead weaving easier, even and dimensional.
  • 100 % genuine glass beads, no plastic added.

Other than above, the real class of the Superduo comes in when you wear it and appreciate your grace in front of the mirror. Amazing quality and sophisticated finish add an extra grace to any of the fashion assortments like bracelets, armlets or necklaces, and absolutely, this is where Matubo lags behind the other brands out of the competition. Simply, authenticity is what you get while selecting Matubo Superduo Beads for you.

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