What You Need To Know About Storing Mink Fur Coats


Once you have invested a fair bit of money in a mink coat, it is necessary that you store it correctly so as to use it for as long as possible. Incorrect storage wherein the coat will be exposed to natural elements will only speed up its deterioration. Below, we list a few important things you need to know when storing your mink coats.

  1. Give It Room For Breathing

Mink coats need room to breathe. As such, you need to provide it with enough space during storage. Do not keep it tightly packed with other clothes. This will deprive the coat of air, which will eventually cause deterioration in the quality of the fur.

  1. Use Humidity Controlled Storage Units

It is recommended that you only store your mink coat in a unit which allows for temperature and humidity control. Ideally, the fur must be stored in an environment with 50% humidity level and a temperature of 50 degrees. This will ensure that the fur remains in perfect condition for a long period of time.

  1. Cedar Chests And Mothballs

Avoid using cedar chests for fur coat storage. You should also avoid placing mothballs in the storage unit. Since fur coats are known to absorb its surrounding smells, the mothballs and cedar chest can actually end up giving the mink a rather weird smell. And you obviously do not want the people in a party squinting their noses because the smell of your coat makes them uncomfortable. In addition, cedar chests are also known to suck out the moisture in the air. As such, storing mink in such a moisture-absorbing chest will only end up damaging it.

  1. Avoid Laying It Flat

Some people tend to store the fur by laying it down in the storage space. This is a very bad idea. You should always place the mink coat on a hanger. This will ensure that there is air circulation inside the coat. If you place them flat on a surface, you will be crushing the fur and avoid any possibility of air running through them. As a consequence, the coat will get damaged very soon.

  1. Remove the Dirt

Before storing the coat, it is very important that you remove all the dirt from it. If you leave the dirt as it is on the coat, then it can damage those areas in a short period of time, resulting in the coat becoming pretty bland at some spots. If there are any stains, it is advisable that you do not try to remove them by yourself. Visit a professional furrier and let them take care of the stain.

  1. No Plastic Bags

Never cover the coat with a plastic bag while storing it. Even if you have placed it on a hanger, the very fact that the entire coat has been wrapped in plastic means that it will be cut off from contact with air. And as explained earlier, lesser the air circulation in between the coat, the more likely it is for the mink to dry out and the coat to become useless.


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