Who is Paul Marciano?


Paul Marciano is a fashion designer, businessman, philanthropist and investor, but a lot of people know him for being the co-founder of Guess INC. Paul was born in 1952 in Debdou Morocco and then he was raised in Marseilles for most of his childhood alongside his four siblings. A thing to keep in mind is that men on his father’s side were all rabbis. They stayed in a synagogue complex until Paul Marciano reached 15 years of age.

At 15, Paul Marciano was involved into car accident, at that time he had to spend more than half a year in the wheelchair. He wasn’t accepted back to school due to his absence. Even if he was unable to finish his education, he didn’t give up and went to Israel in order to live in a kibbutz. At first he worked in the clothing company owned by his family.

Paul Marciano started Guess INC in 1981 with his brothers Maurice, Armand and Georges. They started to have quite a lot of success, and they sold a 50% stake of Guess Jeans to the Nakash brothers in New York. This unique joint venture started to sour to the point where a superior court from California showed that the Nakash brothers actually had some bad terms for the Marciano brothers. The Nakash had to settle for $66 million of the escrowed profits, among others.

Despite this problem, Paul Marciano started to handle the public relations and advertising in order to eliminate any doubt that the company would not be able to deliver quality products. He became the president and COO of the company in 1993.

Fast forward around a decade, in 2004 Maurice and Paul Marciano had around 70% of the 44 million Guess shares. However, in August 2015, Paul stepped down as the CEO and he became executive chairman. In 2018 he resigned from that position due to sexual harassment allegations.

But Paul Marciano didn’t only invest and work on Guess. He also has some other business ventures like Hero Ventures, an entertainment venture created alongside WWE. Paul Marciano is also known for the fact that he is a huge philanthropist. He paid $8 million to buy the Scottish Rite masonic Temple. He also donated $5.2 million to an organization named Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

When it comes to his personal life, Paul Marciano has been married 2 times, he has two children named Ella and Nicolai. He also married the third time in 2016 with Mareva Georges and he has two children from her side as well.

As you can see, Paul Marciano is a very important person in the business world and he did create one of the most reputable fashion brands in the world. That, combined with his philanthropic approach and one of a kind focus on quality for all his products make him a force to be reckoned with. Paul Marciano had an extraordinary business career, and he still continues to offer some astounding products through these great ventures!

Visit Paul Marciano’s website here: https://paulmarciano.co

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