Women Tailored Suits, the New Fashion Statement!

In women’s fashion, bespoke or custom-made suits are in hyper demand nowadays. Giving a perfect fit for your silhouette and body, the women tailored suits are here to stay!

Custom made clothes offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the choices of styling. Ready-made clothes, on the contrary, create problems for many people. It is because the physique and body structure of everybody varies at a great deal. The measurements of ready to wear clothes do not fit everyone.

The customized clothing helps you don your dream dresses in an immaculate fit from suits, formal wear, and coats. For those people who experience rapid changes in body physique, it becomes really challenging to get fit clothes. Next, alternation costs on ready-made clothes make the total budget equation very unbalanced for the buyers with a limited budget.

The best thing about custom-made suits is that it engenders you with the complete control on measurement and specifications of your suits. There is no fear of wear when you go for custom clothing. There are several custom tailoring services, which offer fabric selections; you can select the fabric as per your choice and preference.  The fabric quality is usually very good as compared to ready-made clothes.

Talking specifically about suits, the word suit derives from the French suite means following.  It is because all the components of the suits are made of the same fabric and color and it literally follows one another. The cut is what differentiates a custom-made suit from the one available on the counters. A well-cut suit drapes a woman’s slender perfectly. Tailored suits are available in a myriad of choices, the more common, single-breasted or double-breasted.

A tailored suit can be distinguished by minimal shoulders and tapered sides. These are made to fit your body size. Once the pattern is ready, you can check the fabric or designs. You can get both shirts and suits that are made to your specifications, fit your perfectly, and is made of the fabric you want.

Suits are made of various kinds of fabrics. It involves wool, tweed, flannel, fresco, gabardine, silk, and linen. The usual colors offered in suits are dark gray, light gray, navy, and black. It can be plain colors and patterns as well. Talking about the popular color choices dominating the fashion circuit, include brown suits and olive suits. In summer, cream color and tan suits are in popular choice. The single-breasted suits have two to three buttons whereas the double-breasted suits have mainly six buttons. The lapels of the jackets can be pointed or peaked, notched or stepped, or you can go for the Mandarin style as well.

Thus, if you’re thinking to add womens tailored suits in your wardrobe, just go for it. It is a must-have for every fashionista.

A perfectly fit suit, a little smile, and pride of confidence, all you need to conquer the world out there!!!            

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